Charlotte's First Interactive Game show with live host.

Opening March 11, 2020

Policy Update:

Private room only bookings will be from 3/16/2020 til April 1st,2020. Still will have to have a minimum of 4 people to book and the room will not allow any additional bookings

How do you play outplayed?

 It's a live interactive game show where you will compete to outplay the other team. Our Game show will take you through trivia and unique challenges to be the Outplayed Champion. Make your bragging right official.  

What kind of games?

You will play two rounds of Trivia ranging from pick your category and a speed round buzzer slapping trivia.

Our custom Outplayed challenges like mental and skill based challenges good for all ages.

How many people can play?

You will need a minimum of 4 players in a game. We can do up to 12 players in one game show. Games that already have 4 people then any group size may join them. If you would like a private room you also have the option of doing that. We recommend 12 years and older.

What can I expect?

Fully Functional Studio with lights, sound and tons of entertainment. You will be doing trivia from pop culture and major events over the last 30 years. Also we have Outplayed challenges that take you into special areas we like to call Outplayed Zones. 

Your game show will be 60 minutes packed full of everything a game show has to offer.

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Outplayed The Game Show

2017 North Davidson Street, Charlotte, North Carolina 28205, United States

(980) 299-0021 outplayedthegameshow@gmail.com

Game Show Hours

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05:00 pm – 09:00 pm